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Power Construction JSC No1 (PCC1) was established on 02 March 1963, experienced more than 50 years of construction and development, from the initial key tasks is the construction and installation of the national electricity transmission works,  PCC1 today has proven its capability in a number of different economic sectors, and ranked 111th in the top 500 private enterprises in Vietnam with more than 20 member units and gross revenue 3,100 VND billion in 2015.



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In the process of forming and developing, the next generation classes of the Company made boldly the mark on the entire network operation and electricity transmission projects by national, cable works and large-scale stations, high quality. The construction works of the company has brought energy resources to all of the North, Central and South of the country, from urban to rural, mountainous, islands and mountains, Laos country …

Development history

Power Construction Joint Stock Company No1 (PCC1) was established on March 02 1963, experienced more than 50 years of construction and development. The initial key tasks is constructing the national electricity transmission works

The period 1967 – 1970: On 30 June 1967, the Ministry of Heavy Industry decided to establish the company of  Lines and Substations Installation, under the Electricity Department. Workforce of the company had had about 2,000 people at that time, 16 working teams.

The period 1970 – 1975: On 30 June 1970, it established Line and Substation Construction Company under the Ministry of Electricity and Coal. Since then, the company’s Bureau horizontal units, the superior management body of enterprises, implementation of a comprehensive and intensive economic accounting

The period 1975 – 1979: Line and Substation Construction Company with organizational structure, complete and independence.
The period 1979 – 1981: Line and Substation Construction Company under the Ministry of Electric Power was renamed Line and Substation Construction Company No 1
The period 1981 – 1988: In 1983, due to the development requirements of the national grid, the Ministry has decided to separate and lift some enterprises, the construction site of the Company to set up companies under the Ministry of Electric Power

The period 1988 – 2005: In 1988, founded Power Construction Company No1, under the Ministry of Energy on a consolidated basis between Line and Substation Construction Company No1 with Hanoi Line and Substation Construction Company.
The period 2005 to now: In 2005, Power construction JSC No.I was equitized from state-owned enterprise named Electricity Construction Company 1. Up to now, over 10 years of equitization, the Company has been developing and expanding its scale. And the field of activity by opening the transformation and establishment of branch units, offices into affiliated companies, acquisition of potential businesses in the industry. So far, the company has 14 affiliated companies, 04 teams specialized in electricity construction, 01 representative office and 01 steel structure manufacturing factory. Revenue is growing, next year is always higher than last year.


Becoming a leading company in Vietnam, the top five Southeast Asian in implementing the EPC contractor of electrical installation projects and industrial works.

Mission Non-stop innovation to make smart and modern electricity works connecting to the national power system and the region. Create a lot of superior values for partners, customers, investors, employees and society.

Core values Creativity is the foundation of development. Speed: Speed Action, systems thinking to lead all activities. Reliability: As the power to create sustainable development, is the soul of PCC1.

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