Power Construction

Power Construction

This is the traditional strengths of PCC1 and also the main business areas of the company from its inception to the present. PCC1 has over 50 years experience in the field of construction of power projects, transmission lines and electrical substations, PCC1 is always a leader in the field of lines construction with different design capacity of up to 500kV spread across the country.

PCC1 has successfully implemented a lot of projects, large and small substations from 500kV to 110kV spread across the country. The PCC1’s capacity of the substation construction proven through satisfaction and confidence of the investors with the motto “Quality assurance and progress meet, absolute safety.”

PCC1 owns the machines, the most advanced equipment used in the construction of lines, substations and underground cables. In particular, we have researched and successfully made a number of devices such as balloons remote control to pull strings, dry air blowers serve for the installation of 500 kV transformers. During the construction process, we always focused on innovation and creativity as to ensure construction progress and quality of the product is the best.

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